XSPEED PROPELLER is the first company to co-extrude cast aluminum propellers of magnesium, aluminum and titanium. Propellers with extremely high density and physical strength qualities can be achieved. Make the aluminum alloy propeller extremely strong and durable.

The XSPEED PROPELLER powder coating line first does electrophoresis anti-corrosion treatment on the surface of the propeller, and then uses pure epoxy bottom layer powder and pure epoxy surface layer powder to make the propeller more anti-corrosion and environmentally safe. After 1500 hours of salt spray test, the test is qualified before leaving the factory.

Stainless Steel Casting Technology

The XSPEED PROPELLER material R&D technical team adopts the duplex stainless steel formula, and after metal heat treatment, it can reach a very high strength of 750 Mpa and is extremely corrosion-resistant.

XSPEED propellers have obtained 12 national patents, and ISO9001 and CE certification. , sold in more than 70 countries, and fully gained the trust of customers. XSPEED propellers ensure that each propeller is a precise propeller, and will provide you with a variety of engine HP and a wide range of pitch propellers to escort your beloved boat.